Since its inception in 1989, one of ZANT’s primary objectives was to create a center of our own. The creation of the ZANT Center has been overwhelmingly supported by our community. It has been a wonderful journey with numerous amazing volunteers, donors, families, friends and our community at large participating in this incredible experience. Now more than two decades later we are delighted that our vision, of someday having our own center, is now becoming a reality. 

In November 2006, ZANT purchased a 2.6 acre property in the city of Flower Mound, Texas. Construction of our center was planned in two phases. Phase 1 would focus on the spiritual, educational and cultural aspects of our religion and Phase 2 would consist of the main hall. Our building committee along with architect, Cyrus Rivetna who has studied ancient and modern fire temples, have designed and built a center that is beautiful and inspiring.

Phase 1 construction began in November, 2008 and is expected to be completed by March 2011. It consists of the prayer room, class rooms, library, meeting rooms, office, kitchen and restrooms. Most of the major interior and exterior work is complete. We are now in the final completion stage with some remaining work such as tiles, fixtures, fence, and a few other small items.

Funds required for phase 1 have been raised and received from over 200 families, friends, trusts, and foundations. We are happy to announce that over 70% of the funds came from our ZANT members and local community. We are very grateful for the generosity and support of families and friends from all over the world.

To our knowledge our ZANT center is the first center in North America with an architecture that incorporates the traditional features of our fire temples, and it will be a wonderful symbol of our heritage. We have an opportunity to create a lasting legacy. It is our sincere hope that you will participate in this worthy cause and join us to complete it.

We have attached a pledge form for your use. Please make your contribution to the ZANT Building Fund by January 15, 2011, and mail it to ZANT, P.O. Box 271117, Flower Mound, Texas 75027-1117. Your donation is tax-deductible. We will be happy to answer any questions and provide any additional information you may require. We thank you for your kind consideration in helping make our ZANT center a reality.


Zal Parakh
Jamshed Rivetna
Building Committee
Behram Irani
Fundraising Committee