ZANT Center

Vision to Reality

ZANT Center Concept

On February 8, 2009, over a hundred members of our community came together for a groundbreaking ceremony and prayer to commemorate our new ZANT Center. It was heartwarming to see so many enthusiastic men, women, and children congregate at the site of our future home for prayer and fellowship, as we ushered in a new era for our community.

What began twenty years ago as a stated objective in our ZANT bylaws is now finally becoming reality. The creation of our ZANT Center is truly a community undertaking. Supported by our community, it has been pursued with dedication by every ZANT Board since the inception of ZANT, with each subsequent Board building on the efforts of previous ones. Our Building Committee and Fundraising Committee have also worked diligently with a great focus and sense of purpose to accomplish this worthy mission.

ZANT Center Floorplan

Through the diligent efforts of many people, we have been able to raise a total of $955,000 for our building fund. These funds have been raised through gifts, donations, pledges, special events, and other fund raising activities–from our local community members–as well from families, friends, organizations, and well-wishers from all over the world.

A brief timeline of some milestones of this amazing twenty-year journey speaks volumes as to the tenacity, commitment, spirit, and can-do attitude of our community:

  • 1989: ZANT is officially registered in the State of Texas
  • 1995: ZANT Center Building Fund is created
  • 1997: ZANT Center Operating Rules are approved by the ZANT general body
  • 2002: ZANT Center Capital Campaign initiated
  • 2006: ZANT Center site purchased
  • 2009: ZANT Center groundbreaking and construction begins

The positive response, cooperation, creativity, unwavering belief, and incredible effort by so many people have made this wonderful project even more meaningful and special.  A few noteworthy items listed below, are a testament to the generosity of our community and the overall support for our ZANT Center project:

  • A total of $955,000 in funds have been raised for the ZANT Center
  • 75% of the funds have come from our local community and general membership
  • 25% of the funds came from families and organizations outside North Texas
  • ZANT Center policies were formulated by incorporating input and suggestions from our community–after meeting individually with most of the 150 Zoroastrian families in our area
  • The architecture and layout of our center incorporates many special features of traditional fire temples and was designed by a Zoroastrian architect
  • The Afarganyu and prayer room implements are from a 100 year-old fire temple in India

The ZANT Center will be our legacy for our community.  Congratulations to our community and to all the generous families, friends, supporters, well-wishers, and dedicated volunteers who have worked so very hard for so many years to make our ZANT Center a reality!