Religion Classes


ZANT Sunday School (religion classes) are conducted the second Sunday of every month from 10:45 am onwards.  Currently, the classes are handled by the following Sunday School Coordinators:

  • Pre-K to 2nd Grade: Manijeh Rustomji
  • 3rd to 6th Grades: Pearl P. Balsara
  • Teenagers: Nina Kalianivala
  • Vohu Manah Group: (Adult discussion group) Anahita Sidhwa

Topics for Religion Classes

Pre-K to teenagers’ religion classes cover wide variety of age appropriate religious, historical, cultural, and social topics related to the Zarathushti (Zoroastrian) faith.  Topics include:

  • Doctrine, ethical and moral values
  • Scriptures
  • Meaning of Prayers (from Khordeh Avesta)
  • Rituals and ceremonies
  • Festivals and customs
  • History
  • Places of importance