About Us

ZANT Leadership

ZANT Board

President: Spenta Irani
Vice-President: Anahita Kyani
Treasurer: Sarosh Gandhi
Secretary: Mehershad Rahenemoon
Social Director: Pearl Balsara
Director: Pearl Surti
Director: Sanober Doctor

Religion Class Coordinators

<10 years: Pearl P. Balsara
10+ / Teenager: Nina Kalianivala
Adult Discussions: Anahita Sidhwa

Sports Coordinators

Barjis Ghadially
Nazneen Ghadially

The Zoroastrian Association of North Texas (ZANT) is a non-profit organization established in 1989 to nurture, advance, and promote the religious, social and cultural aspects of Zoroastrian faith.  Since its inception, ZANT has endeavored to serve Zoroastrian families in the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex and other surrounding areas of North Texas. Over the years our Zoroastrian (Zarthushti) community in the North Texas area has experienced much growth. We are maturing as a community, developing deeper roots, and building stronger ties with fellow Zoroastrians in North America. We have new Zoroastrian families moving into our area on a regular basis and we also have families that have lived here for over three decades. This provides the richness of diversity with a good balance of stability and strength.
The Zoroastrian Center of North Texas located at 1605 Lopo Road in Flower Mound, Texas will soon be the permanent home and focal point for all ZANT activities.To achieve its objectives, ZANT serves the Zoroastrian community by organizing the following activities:

  • Jashans and Gahambars with prayers by our ordained priests that inspire our congregation
  • Supporting our volunteer priests who serve with devotion and reverence
  • Celebrations for the Zoroastrian festivals of NouRuz, Shenshai New Year, Mehergan, Tirgan, Jashan-e-Sadeh, Shab-e-Yalda, etc.
  • Monthly religious classes for children and youth, as well as adult discussion groups
  • Lectures and presentations on Zoroastrian topics for our congregation
  • Commemorating the Muktad days with Humbandgi (community) prayers
  • Monthly newsletter called ZANT News to keep the community connected
  • Annual sports events and camping trips
  • Maintaining a directory of Zoroastrian families in the area
  • Assisting and welcoming new Zoroastrian families moving to the DFW area
  • Fund-raising at various multi-cultural events in DFW
  • Participation in multi-faith activities with presentations on Zoroastrian beliefs

ZANT is built on the desire of the Zarthushtis to maintain their heritage and ensure that the teachings of our Prophet Asho Zarathustra are followed by many generations in North America. Towards that end, the community has been well-served by many volunteers on prior boards, members, well-wishers and friends throughout the world. We are enthusiastic and optimistic about the future and look forward to many years of enlightened success.

Ushta Te !
(Happiness unto you)